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An Oddyssey in Food

Oddyssey in Food
"because weird food needs lovin', too"


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Dinah and Sonia are two college students who have a problem. Well, they have lots of problems, but the point of this blog is the problem they have with weird food. That is, they have to eat it. The dining hall can be a terrifying place, but not for these two; nay, they seek out the strange, the bizarre, and the downright disgusting, and they devour those suckers. This blog is about their (but mostly Dinah's) adventures in the Land of Odd Food.

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An Early Morning, but Late Food Review [December 01, 2007 @ 7:47am]

[ mood | bored ]

Disclaimer: So it's been a few weeks since I've had this food, but I can do my best to serve you, the public.

So on November 14th, the dining hall decided to have another "Taste of Home" lunch, a la the Carolina's meal the week before. This was a Midwest themed meal and included deliciousness such as Chili with Spaghetti, Dinosaur Ribs, Cucumber and Onion Salad, Mustard-y Relish, and Sugar Cream Pie. Those names may not be accurate...
The Chili with Spaghetti, while that title probably isn't what the dining hall decided to call it, probably more accurate. It was basically chili on top of spaghetti, and it really wasn't that bad. I would probably say that it was the best, heartiest of the options. If you get to have it sometime, I wouldn't say that you leap at the chance, but don't completely discount it.
The Dinosaur Ribs were ribs that were basically about a foot long and had practically no meat on it. That was a no. Just BAD.
The Cucumber and Onion salad was good, although that might just be because I've been kind of craving cucumber salad for some odd reason. The chunks of onion were a bit big, but I think chopped finer, it could have been quite tasty.
The Mustard-y Relish isn't memorable, and tasted completely of vinegar and mustard, and not in a good way. It wasn't as bad as the Dinosaur Ribs, but it wasn't good.
For desert, I got a slice of Sugar Cream pie. I had heard about it before, but never had it. I don't know what it's supposed to look/taste like, but I sure hope not like this. It looked like something that should not be discussed in a public arena such as this, and tasted like sweet cream kind of... my roommate said that it tasted like condensed milk in a pie crust. I can't confirm this, but I can't totally see where she's coming from, except this might have had more sugar. I don't know, but it just looked so unappetizing, that I couldn't bare to take more than 2 bites.

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This past Wednesday was New England themed. It was the worst of all the "Taste of Home" lunches. They had fried cod, New England clam chowder, Boston baked beans, tonch fritters, broccoli (which is apparently from New England), and whoopie pies.
The fried cod tasted frozen and wasn't crispy. I think it had to be cooked at a higher temperature for me not to notice its previous frozen state.
The New England clam chowder was just not memorable in general. It had little flavor to no flavor and the food in the soup couldn't hold its own. It was just really depressing.
The Boston baked beans were too sweet for me. They were very maple-y, through and through. I don't really like for my beans to be that sweet, but that might be a personal preference issue. It was also a bit disturbing, because I didn't realize that the chowder was soup when I first got it, so it was on the same plate as the beans, so the soup and the sweet bean sauce was running all together. It was just not a happy time.
The tonch fritters looked deceptively like hush puppies, but on the inside there was some kind of mild seafood, maybe artificial crab meat. It wasn't really bad, but it really wasn't something that I was in the mood for that day. Maybe with crispier outside or a less chewy inside it could have been better, but that wasn't the case.
In the end I had to just throw all of it out, except for the decent broccoli, and get a burger in the end.
To finish it all off, I got a whoopie, but which I had never had. I hope this isn't what they're like when they're good. There were two chocolate cake-y cookies, which would have been mediocre by themselves. In the middle of the two was a really thick, chewy cream. It was reminiscent of a giant Oreo cookie with really, really thick filling. Maybe that's what a Quadruple Stuffed Oreo would taste like. I picked at it for a while, and then ditched it for ice cream.

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Curry Chips [November 16, 2007 @ 7:22pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Last week I bought some Curry Baked Potato chips (of course from Archer Farms again). They're really quite good. The smokiness of the curry worked very well with the sweetness of the baked chip. I would recommend them to anyone who likes curry in general. In fact, I would say that they were some of the baked chips I've ever had. I usually like my chips to be a bit more spicy or salty than baked chips are, but in this case I think that I think that if the spice was on fried chips, it wouldn't be nearly so good.

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School Sponsored Carolina BBQ [November 10, 2007 @ 8:14pm]

[ mood | excited ]

When school dining services decides to do theme days, there's really little middle ground. It's either bad or alright (food is never good at the DHall. Don't be silly), and Wednesday's Carolina themed lunch was no different.
The center of the meal was the two forms of Carolina BBQ. There was a pepper-vinegar based North Carolina sauce and a mustard and vinegar South Carolina sauce. I didn't get to try very much of the South Carolina sauce, which was on Sonia's plate. I did enjoy the North Carolina sauce though. It tasted a lot like malt vinegar, and on the bun it was very reminiscent of malt vinegar on french fries. I thought the meat itself was a bit too tough, but it was good for the school. I wish I was able to compare the two, but Sonia would probably be better at that, since she tried the two of them side by side. Maybe she can comment here.
There was also some Scallop Scampi. It was very, very oily. Scampi might be a butter sauce, but that doesn't mean it has to be greasy. I kind of wanted to soak up all the grease with a napkin it was so gross. It tasted alright although the scallops were a little overcooked. If only I didn't feel my arteries clogging as I was eating it!
Frogmore stew was weird. I still don't really know what it is. There was some weird white sausage in it and random veggies. Word to the wise: Don't try school issue Frogmore stew. It's bizarre
The cornbread SUCKED. There was no flavor at all. It was amazing. Not even butter could have saved that tragedy.
The school decided to serve us moon pies. Moon pies! Good right? What if the school decides to get creative and make their own moon pies? ...Not bad... I think it needed more chocolate maybe. Maybe it needed more marshmallow? I'm not sure, but all that cookie was not doing it for me.
In addition to moon pies, there were strange marshmallow brownies. They were sticky, sweet, and good, but probably not Carolina themed.

A Carolina FeastCollapse )


The Newest and Strangest in Junk Food [November 08, 2007 @ 4:50pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Recently Sonia went to NekoCon and brought back gifts for us. In addition to a strange spinning top, she brought back Lemon Pepper ChipsCollapse )

My roommate also picked up some Cheddar Jalapeño CheetosCollapse )

I'd say that they both tasted how they were titled, but when food comes in such unexpected flavors, it's hard to imagine what's coming at you.


First Post: Peach Italian Cream Soda [November 06, 2007 @ 10:13pm]

Welcome to Oddyssey in Food, where no food goes untouched!
For instance, today I stopped by the coffee bar at my school, and decided to get an Italian Soda. They had peach syrup, and I immediately imagined Peach ice cream. Could the cool, creamy peachiness of peach ice cream be replicated in drink form? Together the barista and I worked to make the perfect Peaches and Cream Soda. With the shots she gave me originally, I felt that the cream overpowered the peach. I asked for another shot of peach flavoring, and it was to my liking. Two of my friends gave the drink a try, and they felt that the peach was overpowering.

Also, I found that the Italian Soda with just the peach tasted a bit like the Lipton Peach Iced Tea. Just FYI.

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