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First Post: Peach Italian Cream Soda

Welcome to Oddyssey in Food, where no food goes untouched!
For instance, today I stopped by the coffee bar at my school, and decided to get an Italian Soda. They had peach syrup, and I immediately imagined Peach ice cream. Could the cool, creamy peachiness of peach ice cream be replicated in drink form? Together the barista and I worked to make the perfect Peaches and Cream Soda. With the shots she gave me originally, I felt that the cream overpowered the peach. I asked for another shot of peach flavoring, and it was to my liking. Two of my friends gave the drink a try, and they felt that the peach was overpowering.

Also, I found that the Italian Soda with just the peach tasted a bit like the Lipton Peach Iced Tea. Just FYI.
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