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School Sponsored Carolina BBQ

When school dining services decides to do theme days, there's really little middle ground. It's either bad or alright (food is never good at the DHall. Don't be silly), and Wednesday's Carolina themed lunch was no different.
The center of the meal was the two forms of Carolina BBQ. There was a pepper-vinegar based North Carolina sauce and a mustard and vinegar South Carolina sauce. I didn't get to try very much of the South Carolina sauce, which was on Sonia's plate. I did enjoy the North Carolina sauce though. It tasted a lot like malt vinegar, and on the bun it was very reminiscent of malt vinegar on french fries. I thought the meat itself was a bit too tough, but it was good for the school. I wish I was able to compare the two, but Sonia would probably be better at that, since she tried the two of them side by side. Maybe she can comment here.
There was also some Scallop Scampi. It was very, very oily. Scampi might be a butter sauce, but that doesn't mean it has to be greasy. I kind of wanted to soak up all the grease with a napkin it was so gross. It tasted alright although the scallops were a little overcooked. If only I didn't feel my arteries clogging as I was eating it!
Frogmore stew was weird. I still don't really know what it is. There was some weird white sausage in it and random veggies. Word to the wise: Don't try school issue Frogmore stew. It's bizarre
The cornbread SUCKED. There was no flavor at all. It was amazing. Not even butter could have saved that tragedy.
The school decided to serve us moon pies. Moon pies! Good right? What if the school decides to get creative and make their own moon pies? ...Not bad... I think it needed more chocolate maybe. Maybe it needed more marshmallow? I'm not sure, but all that cookie was not doing it for me.
In addition to moon pies, there were strange marshmallow brownies. They were sticky, sweet, and good, but probably not Carolina themed.

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